• Stefan Marinov

    Stefan Marinov

    Stefan Marinov is a session bass player based in London, UK. He is currently playing for the UK based American band Odyssey, Kym Mazelle (former Soul2Soul), and Eban Brown - former lead singer of the Stylistics. Past credits include Ray Lewis (former The Drifters), Coree Richards (former UK band Damage), Michelle John (former Eric Clapton backing singer), the Time 2 Shine UK Gospel TV...
  • Rodney "Skeet" Curtis

    Rodney "Skeet" Curtis

    "The Ray Ross saddle-less bridge is the absolute TRUTH! It enhanced the tone and sustain of my bass while maintaining the feel I was used to." 
  • Kevin Walker

    Kevin Walker

    Bassist with Prince, Justin Timberlake, Patti Labelle, Wilson Pickett, Kanye West, T.I, WILL.I.AM, Timberland, Angela Bofil, Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers...
  • Davie504


    Italian YouTube sensation Davie504 (Davide Biale) recently got his hands on a Ray Ross 4-string on a Bacchus WL4RR Bass.  Let's just say that he's pretty slaphappy with it. Slap!
  • Butch Coleman

    Butch Coleman

    Baltimore bassist Butch Coleman has been performing and recording with various artists for many years. Butch has recorded with pop artist Jessie J., acapella gospel/ R&B artists Committed, and with his wife as Butch & Rhonda Coleman. https://www.butchandrhondacoleman.com/
  • OK Bass (Japan)

    OK Bass (Japan)

    Japanese YouTube bass star OK Bass says the following about his Ray Ross Bridge: "l feel I can pluck more deeply on the Ray Ross bass bridge.  The bridge kind of inspires me to play different phrases.  I feel like playing it in another way. It helps me find a new aspect in my playing style." OK Bass YouTube Channel
  • Randy Gregg

    Randy Gregg

       Bassist Randy Gregg of Almost Queen, Thin Lizzy, Angel, and Dee Snider recently got his hands on his first Ray Ross bridge and is in love!
  • Sean Holland

    Sean Holland

    “The Ray Ross bridge is the truest representation of string sound I’ve ever heard. After hearing and feeling the notes, you realize that anything else is like putting mittens on your strings. This changes the game.”
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