Kevin Walker

"The Ray Ross Bridge has made me revisit older instruments I own with intonation, vibration, and tuning issues. This Bridge has revolutionized the bass  reducing fret buzzing allowing the true wood tones of my instruments. Unprecedented."  Baltimore's renowned songwriter, bassist and producer Kevin Walker has been performing with some of music’s most popular artists on the scene today.

Kevin started his professional career at 14 years old in 1984 touring with the legendary WILSON PICKETT & the Midnight Movers. He has remained in the spotlight for the last twenty years performing with many recording artists including PRINCE , JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE, PATTI LABELLE, KANYE WEST, T.I, WIILL.I.AM, TIMBERLAND, ANGELA BOFIL, CHUCK BROWN AND THE SOUL SEARCHERS, NAJEE, JODECI, ROY AYERS, PIECES OF A DREAM, KIM WATERS, TEVIN CAMBELL, & WILL DOWNING
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