Sean Holland

“The Ray Ross bridge is the truest representation of string sound I’ve ever heard. After hearing and feeling the notes, you realize that anything else is like putting mittens on your strings. This changes the game.” - Sean Holland- Los Angeles, CA 

Sean Holland is a songwriter/producer and bass player/multi-instrumentalist living in and working out of Los Angeles, California. He has written and produced songs recorded/performed by members of Earth, Wind and Fire, Smashmouth, The ‪Edgar Winter‬ Group, ‪Bob Seger‬ and more. Recently he co-wrote 2 songs w/ Billboard #1 songwriter Peter Beckett (“Baby Come Back”) and is currently writing with legendary drummer and songwriter James Gadson (Bill Withers/over 500 gold records).

As a bass player, he has performed/recorded with members of Little Feat, The ‪Robert Cray‬ Band, ‪Frank Zappa‬'s Mothers of Invention, The ‪Ringo Starr‬ Band, Bonham, The Joe Bonnamassa Band, ‪The Record Company‬, The Gary Busey Band and more.

Sean is also the bass player for the L.A. based outlaw rock band, Gypsy Saddletramps, featuring guitarist Mitch Perry (‪Edgar Winter‬, ‪Cher‬, The Sweet) and drummer Tony Braunagel (Taj Mahal, ‪Rickie Lee Jones‬, ‪Robert Cray‬).
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