Here's what our customers have to say about the Ray Ross Saddle-less Bridge design:

"It's super rare that we see a leap in electric guitar innovation, especially for BASS! ESPECIALLY when it comes to the bridge! That's what makes this bridge so special. I think it's absolutely worth your time to consider this bridge." - Dan Thompson (Guns and Guitars)

“I found the Ray Ross bridge design so intriguing I had to try it. It did not disappoint! The clarity of notes, string separation and overall musical tone blew me away. “ - Freddy Gabrsek (Freddy's Frets)

"Thank you! The Bass Bridge is EXCELLENT! You guys have a new customer." - Guy F.

"I just installed your bridge on my Fender Mexican Precision and am very happy with it!" - Mike Y.

"Received my Ray Ross bridge. AMAZING!!!! Sustain and tone thru the roof. Everything it said it was and more. Installation was super simple. Intonation was pretty close straight out of the box. The only adjustments were string height. Thanks again." -Eric A.

"Intonation, harmonics and sustain are noticeably improved with the Ray Ross Bridge. The dead spot on this bass disappeared after installing this bridge (wasn’t expecting that). Took some practice, but I enjoy the ability to finger-adjust the intonation and string height by relieving all string tension from the Tone Pin.  When changing strings, it is important and easy to align the Tone Pin straight with the string for best performance (ensures only intended string contact with Tone Pin).  Recommended." - Reed R.

“The Ray Ross bridge is the truest representation of string sound I’ve ever heard. After hearing and feeling the notes, you realize that anything else is like putting mittens on your strings. This changes the game.” - Sean Holland

"This bridge revolutionizes your bass. The sustain is crazy. And the tone! With new strings, my Aerodyne the tone was so much more full, I thought I had left the chorus on. I have no doubt this bridge will become an industry standard." - Harold P.

"I was purchasing a Brubaker JXB5 and saw this interesting new bridge on one of Kevin's custom basses. It peaked my curiosity, the design was new and nothing I'd ever seen before. I went to Ray's website and looked it over and saw it had more abilities than other bridges I'd used before: Schaller, Babicz, Badass, and stock bridges were the design standard. All bent the string and caused stress on the ball and bindings, therefore canceling out certain wave frequency capabilities of the string/bass. This design ended that stress and opened up all of the harmonics and made fuller, fatter whole tones! This bridge impressed me so much, I am modifying a Spector Rebop DLY to accommodate this bridge as my staple tone machine for all my basses!" - Vincent B.

"New install on a Warmoth body. These saddles and plate allow very quick adjustment. With their mass, the middle range seem to bloom and cut through the band. As also a guitar player, I wish these was a similar product for guitars." - Larry (Sweetwater)

"Great bridge, improved sustain, easy to install, great customer service. It’s a really innovative design" - Robert (Amazon)

"Do yourself a favor and pick up one of these bridges. Instant upgrade for any bass. You won’t believe the tone it unlocks. It brought my 25 year old Jackson 4 string bass to life. Also I was very impressed with the customer service. I emailed them asking if I could buy a spare adjustment rod because I bent mine... they sent me a new one immediately. It makes a cheap bass sound like an expensive one for less than $200! I am going to convert all of my basses to Ray Ross bridges from now on." - Gadget Geek (Amazon)

"It replaced the bent piece of tin on my Super - Squier build I'm working on. I could tell a big difference as soon as I started playing." -Mean Gene (Guitar Center)

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